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© 2015 by  Aziz Begum.

Who is Aziz Begum

During my childhood days I used to dream a lot. As years went by, as I grew up, the practical life got the better of me. My ability to dream, and the will to conquer my dreams got weaker. In order to gain confidence and courage to do things, I had to find that young girl who shooted for the stars, and was not afraid of failure. The person who believed in her own vision, without inhibitions. My dreams and aspirations was always encouraged. I was told to be the best that I could be. No one believed in me more than my role model.  My grandmother, Aziz Begum has inspired me to be the best that I can be. Thank you for everything you taught me about life. Love you for ever. Rest in peace.

Aziz Begum by Madeha Ullah

My love for fashion and style started in a very early age. I was born into a family where women were very creative, loved fashion and had great sense of style. I grew up surrounded by fabrics and dress patterns. My beautiful aunt Shaista, a very talented designer, made most of my dresses. She would allow me to choose the kind of fabrics and colors that I wanted, and she would discuss the minute details with me. Everything from embroidery and forms, to fittings would be to perfection. My early exposure to dressmaking gave me the opportunity to draw and create my own designs. That is why I am so passionate about creating unique dresses with delicate embellishments. 


Aziz Begum is for all the women who dreams fearless, and inspires to be the best, in every aspect of life.


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